Sumaya Reddy, an actress, fashion icon, model, and environmentalist ambassador from India. She first wanted to become a pilot, and in that process she first did aviation, thereafter she got interested in modeling and worked as a model for lots of internationally acclaimed products like Lakme, and Loreal Paris, then she had done advertisements in several languages and finally, her interest and passion in acting pulled her towards movies as a heroine.

Sumaya Reddy is not just a versatile actress, but a multifaceted individual whose impact goes beyond the silver screen. As a philanthropist, she has poured her heart into bringing joy and happiness to audiences worldwide. Her work as a social worker serves as a poignant reminder of our collective responsibility towards society, igniting a sense of duty in all who follow her.

In her role as a producer, Sumaya has not only breathed life into aspiring filmmakers’ dreams but also kindled a ray of hope in the world of cinema. Moreover, as a successful businesswoman, she has not only achieved personal success but also improved the standard of living for numerous people in our society.

Sumaya Reddy’s influence has extended far and wide, leaving a lasting impact that resonates with the hearts and minds of many.

- A movie is the strongest medium for change, either in a person or in a society

-Sumaya Reddy

Sumaya Reddy

Her determination to continue on her passion, and her ability to cross all the obstacles in her journey proved once again that ‘success demands so many things in our lives

Hard work, belief in herself, and commitment towards cinema, she sustained herself in the film industry by defending herself and by facing so many hurdles, setbacks, disappointments, and low moments. Finally, her hard work paid off, and she got her debut film #Dear Uma

Sumaya Reddy